Sunday, December 02, 2007

Saturday painting.

I think I have already mentioned that my best friend lives with an artist and there is a studio in the apartment. We were both drawing with pastels, but then Mustafa (the owner/painter) graduated us to paints. So I have painted two pictures now. I really love it, it's relaxing for me. Although I have used water colors when I was little, I have never actually painted. And yes, my mom is an art teacher, but we always did different things like ceramics, print making, photography, paper marbling. But for some reason, we never really just painted.

This was my first painting. I like it, she's so happy!

I painted this one yesterday. I like her too. My friend teases me about another naked girl. But I think bodies are so beautiful and vulnerable when they're naked that you can really see the emotion more than if it's covered in clothing.

This is Troy's first painting, it's not done though. And he really was challenged because I drew on the canvas first and then used the other one so he had to cover up the lines that I left. It's funny when we paint together because I do mine really really fast and he is so slow and intricate. He has many details and thinks about what he is doing a lot. Where I just paint what feels right....but I think Troy is very good and more importantly, unique.

Mustafa asked me yesterday if I would still come over and paint when Troy left in January and of course I said yes. So I am excited that I can still spend time with Mustafa and still be able to paint.


Anonymous said...

I love your second painting! It's so reminiscent of the Eve statue from Rodin's Gates of Hell. Love it!

Ray said...


you're paintings are amazing!

I love you!

And I am SO glad you are So happy!!