Sunday, September 09, 2012

Honor to host!

 This past Shabbat, Joseph, my roommate, and I had the honor of hosting 10 new Pardes students at our home. We were really excited about the prospect and really went all out.  We had the most amazing evening, and even though we really tried to create a beautiful Shabbat space and atmosphere, I feel like the people really made all the different to the oneg (joy) we felt at Shabbat. There are a few pictures below of the food, and table. (And Joseph, you are an amazing chef!)

Mandelbread, of course...

Beautiful colors, beautiful cabbage salad! 

Joseph made a Persian dish called "Kuku," it's egg, cauliflower, onion, and parsley. It's delicious! 

I carved "Shalom" into a watermelon!!! Everyone loved it! 
This is another watermelon "Shabbat" that I carved last year. Clearly, I should carve these at the same time, but that would really be a lot of work! 

All the craziness with the grass was worth it! Look at how beautiful our Shabbat was! 

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