Sunday, January 22, 2012

Arava Tiyul

Over the semester break I went to the Arava, or Eilat mountains in southern Israel with a small group from Pardes. We stayed at Kibbutz Keturah and we had an amazing time! Even some of the new students from the spring semester joined us, so it was great to meet them!

Yishai hiking in his favorite land.

Group picture from the first day hike.

We love TORAH!! Even when hanging on cliffs and mountains! 


The clouds on the 3rd day of the tiyul was amazing! This picture is unreal and barely edited! 

The kibbutz where we were has Israel's largest solar panel field. They want to make more in the south. Considering it only rains down there 5 times a year, I think it's a good place for them!
Me and Yishai hiking! 

Third taking one of the pictures you can see above!

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