Saturday, June 11, 2011

Birthday happenings

Since I will be in Prague on my real birthday, I decided to have a small get together with my close friends on Thursday in the park by our apartment. It was so lovely. All my friends made everything so special for me. Graziella made an incredible birthday cake that was 3 kilos of chocolate! Flavia made a mousse cake and cookies. Nicola made a lemon cake. Samantha made cupcakes and a pasta salad. My ulpan girl friend's got me a cute shirt from Zara. My downstairs neighbor gave me a scarf. And my ulpan teacher got me a cupcake sheet because she knows I love baking! Really, it was a perfect party. 
Roi and me!! 

All the food and cakes!!

I tried to carve 26 into the watermelon for my age. My mother has been doing this in the summer for parties. But she makes it look so beautiful and so easy! Well, let me tell you, it's NOT easy! and I wish my mother was here to help me! But I tried...

Ram, Flavia and me! 

Samantha, my neighbors, and me!

Nicola, my favorite Russian girls, and me!!! 

Roi, me, and Dima!! Dima is Roi's friend from the army, but now after knowing him for a year, he's my friend too! =)

Blowing out my candles!! and special thanks to Yishai for taking so many great pictures! 

Me and Graziella and the AMAZING cake!! 

My friends!!!!!!!!!!! =) 

Thank you to everyone for coming and special thanks to Samantha for making the party possible. You are the best!! 

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Your shorts are super cool!! :)