Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Vinyl Avenue

A student at my school writes Vinyl Avenue, a blog. He is an awesome writer and even if you have no idea what he is talking about, the words and descriptions are great.  It is smart, witty, and charming. 

He describes it as, "We are Vinyl Avenue. We are music. We are fashion. We are movies. We are the trends and the threads that bind them together. We are the ones who walk down the hall and make your heads turn, but we are also the ones that, after you get to know us, you realize how fantastic our taste is. We're not mean, we're not loud. We're opinionated and relaxed.

But what the christ is Vinyl Avenue? It doesn't exist, let's stomp that theory right now. Physically, at least. It is the mental place that those of us with a clue go, where music throbs in the step of the street, where the many styles of today's people walk and speak. Where the best shops and cafes line the road, and the lights at night shine brighter than the sun, any day. A place that doesn't sleep. Where books are read and films are watched.

But enough with the imagery and personification. If we offend you, good. To be offended is to be enlightened (you can quote us etc.) We will tear down those artists of music, film, fashion, and the written word that don't deserve their pedestal, and we will raise to the highest those who deserve it. We may trash your favorite band, and tarnish your favorite author. But we may, just maybe, praise your favorite film and fill your want for better fashion."

So check it out at http://vinyl-avenue.blogspot.com/ I like it. =) 

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