Saturday, June 30, 2007

The South Shore

I went up to the city yesterday to meet my grandmother and her dear friend Fran. We went to the Turkish Consulate and to lunch (and of course, Ghirardelli's) before parting. On the train ride into the city I met Jill who was going up for her job. We talked and laughed as always. I love that old friends can pick up where they left off no matter what.

On the way home, I sat next to a woman named Holly. She had to go home early from her law office because her dog Hank was sick. We hit it off immediately. She was Polish. We talked about traveling, dogs, unique homes, sisters, life in general. She told me about the family she lost in the Holocaust when the Nazis occupied Poland. Really, I feel in love. She was such a sincere person, we talked the whole hour and a half back to Dunes Park. My favorite thing she said was that I had "smiling eyes." It's nice to get a real compliment every once in a while.


Anonymous said...

Nice story - it's always interesting when riding the South Shore, although riding the rush hour trains (as I have), often generates a more boring crowd. Where is the Turkish Consulate? I know there's a few in the NBC Tower...

Andrea said...

The consulate is at 360 Michigan Ave. It overlooks the river. The entance is across from the Fort Dearborn mounument. Then it's on the 14th floor. =)

I don't think people are boring, maybe they're tired, but maybe, just maybe, you're not asking the right questions.

If I ever met you on the train, I'm sure we'd have a nice chat too!