Friday, April 20, 2007

Farewell dinner

Last night was our “going away” dinner. It was held at Lichtenberg Castle in a little village near ours. They have a beautiful room for banquets. There was pork, chicken, salmon, and these cauliflower pancake things. The food was okay, not really worth the price we were told the dinner was. I got to sit by two of my three teachers. It was really nice because everyone was complimentary of Ball State and all the student teachers. They said we had really reestablished a good rapport with the school and community. (The last few groups really weren’t up to par, or so we’ve heard.) My teachers were very complimentary of me, really, it made me feel great. Everyone got to say a few words about their teachers. When it was my turn I introduced my teachers and the subjects that I had taught with them. I had gotten them all little gifts. Carol, gum, Carter, Diet Vanilla Pepsi, Joy, Club Crackers (because I always eat/drink those things. It is the food/drink that they keep in their classroom, kind of like my dad and his tootsie rolls. They all laughed at the little things. I couldn’t get them anything they “needed” and I probably could not afford something they wanted, so I took the “cute” and “joke” road. I always got them Ball State t-shirts and said “I know this is always something you’ve wanted, you just never knew.” I tried not to get too sentimental because I would cry.

Joy got up later and told everyone how well I had done at MUN and how well I adapted to teaching psychology. Carter said that because of how awesome I was he would take any student Ball State offered. (That was a really big compliment.) Steven’s teacher got up, he’s a big talker, but I like him very much. We had dinner at their house early in the semester. He said the funniest, yet very nice thing about me. He said I was like a RAM. Because I was a go in, take charge kind of a person. I didn’t let things slide if I knew they weren’t right and I wasn’t one on to let people walk over me. He was very excited when he was saying all of this, but it was really cute and I was a little embarrassed, I know that I stick up for myself, it was just funny how accurate he was. He said that Steven and Liz were very professional and Jeff “just came over for dinner,” which was really funny.

I bought Pat flowers (red and white, Ball State colors, but her favorite color is red, so that was perfect!) She really liked them. She had painted little pictures of the castle, one for every guest. We also were allowed to take home a raku vase that she made. I appreciated everything.

My mom will be here next Tuesday! It’s going to be fabulous. We’re going to Amsterdam, Giverny, Paris, Strasbourg, Milan, and Venice!!!! WOO HOO!!! Then HOME!!!!!!

And I miss Katie very much and I can't wait to see her on the 8th!

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