Thursday, March 29, 2007

LAMP is OVER!!!!!!!!!!!

Journal 22 – March 23, 2007

The end of the LAMP unit is a great feeling, although it is bittersweet. Now that it is over, I have to grade, grade, and grade some more. I have their tests to grade. I have their propaganda projects to grade, and I have the honors class’ essays to grade. Then I’ll have to do the data on the tests as well. It is still very exciting to think that everything is almost finished though.

The students did do a lot better on their tests. Nothing was left blank and they explained their answers. They all new what trench warfare was and could describe it. When I read their answers, I could see how it was directly from the lesson plan and our discussions in class. They had a harder time with the effects of WWI and I can see now how was had glossed over it at the end and not been very clear. Many things were due the last day and lecture was quite shorter than usual. I almost feel a sense of guilt for not going over it as well as I should have. I almost want to throw out the question, but I won’t. I learn just as much as the students and next time I will do it better. I will clearly outline the effects of the war and bullet point them. I will not assume that they learn the effects just from reading and going over Wilson’s 14 Points.

Some students did so well, they really surprised me. I know the test was not rocket science and I gave them a study guide, but it’s a good feeling to know that they studied and that they wanted to do well. One of my boys in the regular class is very smart, but I don’t think any teacher has ever believed in him, he got 100%. Only two honors’ students got a 100% on the same test. I know he was so proud of himself and I’m very proud of him too.

One honors student who knows more than anyone in the class about WWI did not do well. He got an 86%. Of course, that’s not bad, but he should have aced the test. I think he thought too much about some of his answers and thought the test was too easy. I’m sure for him, the test was, but some of his classmates struggled. I felt badly that he didn’t do well, because I know he wanted to get an A+. One time in class he told me that he would love to be a history major in college, but that he’d probably go into business because you can’t do anything with a history major. He’s right, of course, but it’s sad to think that he might end up doing something that he really does not like that much.

They all turned in their propaganda assignments except for one girl. Yes, there were many that were late, but eventually I received them. I was very proud of all of them for doing it. Some were absolutely fabulous, and others were the bare minimum. I think that will always be the case with projects of that sort. They also liked that it was differentiated and that they had the choice between doing a poster or a Power Point. Some simply find one easier than the other. It was also awesome having a rubric because I could simply go through and circle the points. Then when I passed out their sheets it was so easy to tell them exactly why they deserved the grade they received. It’s very hard for them to complain about points when they are all laid out right in front of their faces. So LAMP is over and I am very proud of myself for finishing and proud that my students did well!! :-)

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Personally, I would do a poster over a power point!

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