Saturday, May 20, 2006


This morning almost felt like summer. Not the temperature, but the ability to run to Minnetrista, walk around the Farmer's Market, buy fresh strawberries, chat with the sellers, etc. The sun was out beaming down on all of us. I wish I had time to make/sell something at the market. With three classes and a job, I know it's not feasible, but someday, when I live somewhere where it's warm all year, I'll contribute. I think I'd like to make sweets using the fruits and vegetables I grow in my garden; pies, muffins, breads, scones, cookies. Mmm...I love baking, especially for other people!! I could have a little label with my name on it and the ingredients listed. Oh, I'm so excited about it already!!

The most delicious strawberries from the Farmer's Market!!!

Minnetrista Bulletin Board

Puzzle Bulletin Board

New flowers for my room!!

Yesterday, I didn't have my last class, so I ran some errands and picked up some flowers to pot and put in my room. Let's hope I don't kill them. Although, after going to Minnetrista this morning, I wish I would had been more patient and bought them there, but I didn't realize they would be selling flowers too. Last year I was only able to go in the fall, not the spring. The market has a whole different dynamic based on the seasons.

I put up some bulletin boards last night, not my best by any means, but for the summer they'll be just fine. I always appreciate Katie's help on them too. She's terrific!!

I still can't wait to wake up one morning and it already be 75 degrees out!!! I know it'll be here soon!!!

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