Thursday, December 31, 2009


I'm sure somewhere in Israel they have something similar to WD-40...but I don't really have the time to search, so my dad brought me some from the states! (His luggage missed the El Al flight from Amsterdam.) When we received it yesterday, Roi was at the house and I pulled out the can. He had asked if it was just oil, and it probably is, but when I started to use it, he got really excited and wanted to spray the door hinges! After grabbing the WD-40 from my hands, Roi got to use it for the first time in his life (and most likely not the last). He did a great job. And I greatly appreciate my dad bringing it all the way from the US!

Also, in his suitcase were my favorite Donna Mae (my grandma) cookies!! Chocolate covered cherries!! (They are actually cookies, despite the name.) They were delicious and I already ate quite a few..but who's counting?

Mom and dad are on their way back from Eilat as a type and tonight we're going to Roi's sister's house for New Year's Eve!! I think my dad is excited about the Russian vodka!! =)

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