Monday, October 22, 2007

More mail...

I don't know what happens with the mail here, but I get everything in piles. Today I got two letters from my grandma, two from my mom, and a wedding invitation to my best friend's wedding. =( That I will not be able to attend because I will be in Turkey. Sometimes when I'm away, I never think of home, I just embrace the moment and enjoy every second that I'm in this wonderful country. But then there are times when I get wedding invitations and I long for my dear friends who love me unconditionally. Not just that I want their love, but I want to give them love and support as well. It's nearly impossible to do that from here. Of course we can chat and sometimes even speak on the phone and write letters, but it's not the same as seeing their face and their eyes light up. That's when I wish I had more money and a $1000 plane ticket wasn't an issue. Because I love Rachel and I don't want to miss her wedding. I know she understands, but it's hard. =(

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