Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Today I got my first piece of mail from my Aunt Lynne!! I was soooo excited!! But it had cob webs on it, so who knows where the Turks took it before it came to my apartmetnt!!!

For those of you who don't know, my address is:

Andrea Wiese
3. Aralik Sok Talıp Öztürk Apt. No. 38/3
Hisarüstü, Sariyer, Istanbul, TURKEY 34450

The "i" with no dot, really doesn't have a dot, so don't add one!!

I will write you back!! I just learned where to mail letters from yesterday. The postman was sick and so the entire post office had been closed the previous times I had gone...weird.

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Ray said...

You didn't receive mail from me yet?!


That means it takes longer to send mail from Korea to Turkey than from Korea to the US- because everyone else got their mail!

I hope it didn't get lost!


love you!