Saturday, July 07, 2007


Tonight I went to The Town Theatre in Highland They were showing Waitress! (I'm not sure if it's The Waitress) But I absolutely loved it. My parents went to a wedding and I've wanted to see this movie for ages, so I went by myself. PLUS, I thought I worked today, from 3-9:30, but I read the schedule wrong!! I'm a total dork like that sometimes! But no reason to waste the whole evening!

In the movie she bakes pies and she's having a baby and she wants to run away. It's endearing. I cried, not just in the theatre but on the way home too. It wasn't unexpected, I've been a little bit of a wreck lately. It was good to get it out.

My sister and my friend Kayte went to China, and I got to talk to her today on Google chat. =) It was a good end to the day. So for Kayte, Good Night Moon.

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