Thursday, June 22, 2006

President's Picnic

Dr. Chang, Grace, Ross, Sara, and I at the President's Picnic. It was for faculty and their families so Dr. Chang invited me and Sara to represent his family since they couldn't go!! It was so cute and I think it meant a lot to him that Sara and I went. We really love him.

And boy did that little man eat. I think he had three hot dogs and a two or three hamburgers. Geez oh petes, he was like a bottomless pit!! He's so little too!! It's amazing!!

Tomorrow we're going to the Chinese buffet for my birthday and Sara and Ross are coming too!! It's going to be fun. I know we are really making a difference in their lives by helping out and being a part of their family.

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Ray said...

you amaze me, in so many ways.