Sunday, July 30, 2017

First mandel bread

After finally getting our oven working, rounding up all the ingredients, (thank you, hubby!) and getting my baking sheet in the mail, (also, thank you, hubby, for ordering the correct size to fit our oven) I made my first batch of mandel bread.

It may seem like not so big of a deal to bakers, or people who have everything they need to bake, but when you move to a new place and don't have anything that you are use to baking with, it's more difficult. Ingredients are different in other counties, ovens are different (fahrenheit to celsius),  measuring cups are different, (I only had measuring cups with ml, so I had to calculate everything from cups - 1 cup is 236 ml, if you were wondering.)

Also, I can't eat gluten. So I can't taste them. My husband said they were good, maybe a little soft. Mandel bread is suppose to be a little crunchy to drip in coffee or something warm. So I'll bake them for one more minute next time.

I'm very happy with how they turned out, I make them a lot. And happy my husband is getting back into his routine of eating one or two in the morning after davening. =) 

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