Friday, July 01, 2011

Europe, birthday, and Israel!

I have been very busy since June 14th, the last post. I had NFTY in Israel orientation, met my campers, went to Europe (Prague, Krakow, and Warsaw) flew back to Israel, and camped for three night in the Arava, the southern desert in Israel.

It's been an amazing two weeks and has felt like a year. Working for NFTY is the most exhausting and most rewarding job someone could have.

I have a snippet for the parents:

My group is incredible. They are a mixed group from all over the US. They have more spirit, sass, and enthusiasm than I can explain.  They can all count to 100 and say short sentences in Hebrew. I feel like we jumped into Israel feet first. After the kids started singing after the plane landed, they haven't stopped! Yesterday we went to Jaffo to see the historical entrance to our homeland and all the participants picked Hebrew names to be called on the whole trip.  They are really embracing their heritage, religion, and Hebrew.  

Our group name is Shakshuka, a famous Israeli/Arabic food. The group was challenged to make a song for our group.  They split into small groups for the competition, you can watch the two final championship songs. The kids were absolutely amazing. We were blown away by the performances. Not only their excitement, but their use of Hebrew, and their references to Israeli cultural.

Group Shakshuka is definitely one of a kind and I am looking forward to our next few days in the Arava desert to really see them bound and continue to blossom.   

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Mashriq Matti said...

Woooo! Go Shakshuka!