Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Masters of Middle East Studies from Ben Gurion University of the Negev

On Sunday I traveled to Beer Sheva to go to my graduation ceremony.  It was a beautiful night, not hot, and not too chilly.  There was a main ceremony where they had a few speeches, and then gave out the diplomas to the highest GPAs. Then we went to a smaller departmental ceremony where I received my MASTERS degree!!! 

Me in front of the sign for the humanities department.

Just got my diploma! 

Me and Yishai!!Yay!! No more BGU!! 

This is Avi, he lived in Northwest Indiana for a year as an Israeli liaison! We graduated from the same university in Israel at the same time! The world is so small =) Avi is going to The Paris School of Economics to get his Masters Degree! Good luck Avi, you'll do great! 

Relli, me and Avi, my great professors! 

Beeba!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beeba wrote a thesis, so she'll have to wait until next year for her ceremony! 

Me and Roi, of course!! Just a few more years until we're sitting here again for his degree! 

Up close! Check it out!!! =) 

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Bright Chaumba said...

Why are the two certificates looking different, one in portrait and your in landscape?. Congratulations