Sunday, September 10, 2006

Interfaith Service

Tonight I attended an interfaith service (Jewish and Muslim) at the Universalist Church in Muncie. I found that the Muslims wanted to explain why Jews and Muslims are brothers and sisters (as in Ishmael and Isaac are brothers, son of Abraham) maybe some in attendance did not know this, but if they didn't before the service, they will know now because it was repeated quite frequently. The Jewish side of a little random, very focused on peace, as was the whole service. And on unity.

They talked about how there are extremist and moderates in all religions, but that's as far as they went into the topic of politics. It was agreed that it would not be discussed, but I would have liked to listen to the different points of view.

I met the president of the Muslim Student Association on campus, who happens to be very attractive. Go figure.

There was dinner following, everything was terrific. I ate a lot of food, and everyone ate the cookies I brought. I find this funny, because they were Martin Van Buren cookies, but they had a weird spice, so I think everyone thought they were ethnic.

Anyways, I have to finish a book and a paper by tomorrow at 9am.

And I learned how to knit yesterday. It's exciting, I'm not sure if I like it more than crocheting though. But I'm better and faster at crocheting as of right now, so I'm biased of course.

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Anonymous said...

I live with a Catholic and a Shia Muslim you could either call my apartment a interfaith experiment or a episode of lost